A Parting Gift

A final update while waiting at the Miami airport for our flight to Boston…

On our way out of Cotui yesterday, we stopped by one of the local medical clinics to drop off one last bag of supplies. The director of the clinic told us that many people had come down from the hills with our hand-written pieces of paper to get prescriptions filled or to seek further treatment.

This was deeply satisfying for the clinical members of our group, who had worried that the people they had seen in our screening clincs wouldn’t follow through on their recommendations.

As Jenny had said earlier, while we weren’t equipped to *fix* many medical issues, we hoped that our presence would contribute to a process of building improved health.

And it seemed like that process was indeed moving forward.

We drove to Santo Domingo pleased, tired, relieved, and ready to return home.

One thought on “A Parting Gift

  1. Ryan, we sure relished your writing!! Thanx so much for the comments and insights!
    We specifically noticed that the people were better dressed than “our” Mexicans were during our Perkasie medical/dental caravan of two years ago, when we travelled to be with Dr Joey and Erica (Frederick) Smith for 10 days. Other than that we didn’t have a faithful scribe to document our experiences, what you reported was very much like what we experienced. Charlie and Carolyn Moyer

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