In the airport


Twelve heavy bags among seven people. Lots of weighing and repacking to fit under the 50 lb. limit. None of us got much sleep last night; too excited for the coming day.

Our shuttle bus driver was from Puerta Plata, on the northern coast of the DR. He was impressed by the purpose of our trip, as well as by the volume of our luggage.

He said it should be in the high 80s today in Santo Domingo. (I promise to limit the weather references as much as possible.)

Well, they’re calling our plane. Dramamine? Check. Enthusiasm? Check. Espanol? Ya tengo…

Packing Day

Our group spent this afternoon filling suitcases with medical supplies, dental care kits, second-hand clothing, and foam clown noses in a sunlit room at the Norwich Congregational Church.

In order to maximize the amount of supplies that we can take to the Dominican Republic, we each used our airline baggage allowance to pack the biggest suitcase possible with much-needed items, and will limit our clothing and personal items to what we can fit in our carry-on luggage.

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The Things We Carry

After several months of emails and phone conversations, the group that will go to Cotui, Dominican Republic in March as part of Rita Severinghaus’ DR Projects program finally gathered in person.

It was not a gathering of strangers; all of us work at Dartmouth-Hitchcock or Dartmouth (or recently worked at D-H, in Raeann’s case). And we had a lot to talk about: hotel arrangements in Boston, malaria medication options, the arm-stinging pain of Hepatitis A shots, how good it will feel to wear a T-shirt in the Caribbean after a New England winter. Continue reading